Addendum to a genealogy of weblogging

PS. In a conversation with Matt the other day about ‘generations of weblogging’ inspired by a post on Matt made the stunning comment that ‘first generation webloggers’ basically means anyone who started weblogging before you did, while ‘second generation’ means you and people you consider your peers. So even though I’ve been weblogging for three years (nearly) I consider myself a second-generation weblogger after Meg, Jason, Evhead, Camworld and Memepool.

But now of course that’s no longer true – you can measure your generation – it’s simply how many generations you are below the founding godhead of weblogging as detailed on Blogroots. And don’t be starting to fool yourself here – everyone was inspired by more than one weblogger – and the generation you belong to will be the one younger than the youngest one of your influences. So Jason may be your father, but if I’m your mother then you’re third generation at best. Got that?