Being "Blast from the past" time on

Barely inspired by this very boring looking article which I couldn’t be bothered to read, I’ve spent a good twenty minutes trying to uncover The Ten Secrets of a Successful Website – a much much less boring microsite bashed together by Jason Kottke when he was doing cool creative things with rather than being godfather of weblogdom. Here’s a particularly choice quote:

“When dealing with a web site, especially a corporate web site, branding is the most important thing. Therefore, the logo has to be the most visible element on the site. That means it has to be on every page, preferably in the upper lefthand corner of the page. the logo must also be large… Set your screen to 640×480 resolution and make sure the logo takes up a quarter of your browser window. Of course, this means that the content will be pushed down the page a little. Don’t worry, content isn’t that important and people will find it if they really want to. And again, if you can animate or make your logo 3D, that will increase its impact even more.”

And while I was at I thought I’d better mention some other classic Kottke that you young folks were probably too busy sniffing glue and having underage sex to have seen the first time around: