Ellen Fleiss is my hero

So we’re sitting at work the other day – the assembled table-age consisting of myself, other Tom, Dan, Phil and Dorian – and someone’s watching the Apple Switch commercials, and then finally hits on the awesome wonder that is Ellen Fleiss. All through her (apparently) stoned dialogue we’re awestruck with wonder. I keep expecting her to say the word ‘borked’, but I don’t think she ever does. At the end she says, “I’m Ellen Fleiss and I’m a student” and the only reply you can really come up with is, “Well duh!”. I mention all of this because apparently she’s becoming quite the cult figure at the moment – hence (and here I’m liberally ripping off Wired for the thousandth time this month): the fan site, the other fan site and the caféshops store. (I’m not going to link to Metafilter because they get linked to too much anyway.) When I grow up I want to be Ellen Fleiss!