In which Tom takes a huge link-dump

I’ve been collecting links for a few days now – things that I have really wanted to talk about, but just haven’t had time. So rather than get weighed down by them, consider yourself lucky – all the links, none of that bloody burbling preamble that you normally have to suffer… Be warned – what follows is jotter-style commentary at best – and completely without style or class…

  • Buffy gets advise from Dr. Laura
    A frivolous piece of fun: “That’s not the point. The point is, it might not seem like a big difference now, but when you’re 77, he’ll be over 300. How can you get married and have children – and notice the order I put that in – with a man 224 years older than you?”

  • Barbelith reopens its doors for new memberships
    I’m not making a big deal out of this one, because it might not last for long. With no publicity at all, we’ve had over a hundred new members in the last three days. I don’t want to swamp the place.

  • Pixellation – the way of the pixel
    Discussion community of pixel artists and pixel enthusiasts.

  • Badgerland
    Thanks to John Watson for sending me to a site full of information about badgers.

  • PixelArt Tutorial
    So you want to be a pixel artist? From The Almight Grass Tile to Animating a basic attack (and lots of stuff in between).

  • Riothero Redux
    I’m kind of hiding this link down the page in the hopes that I won’t scare him off – Mark ‘Riothero’ Olynciw is back, and has started personal publishing again. I’m a little nervous about the prospect of him quitting again, so I don’t want to go on about how great he is yet…

  • Spy Kids 2
    Go and see it, because it’s really good fun. Cal and I went to see it last night and bloody loved it.