On Public and Private – thanks to Matthew "Muscle" Webb…

I’m prone to ramble – so let’s start with the link: Public and Private – random unposed portraits of people taken on the corner of Edgware Road and Marble Arch. The site is beautifully designed, simple and elegant and the photos are of the highest quality and tremendously poignant. Perhaps it has a special significance for me because I travel through this part of London every day on my way to work, switching wherever appropriate between buses 6 and 98.

By way of meta-commentary – thinking about the process of choosing a link to post – I think it’s worth saying that I planned initially to post this link yesterday but I decided that it might spoil the impact of Cal and Denise’s amazing City Creator, so I managed to restrain myself. Is this tactical blogging? Is it immoral? It’s difficult to tell. Clearly there’s a value in the as-it-happens authenticity of weblogging.

As a further aside – this constitutes yet another link I’ve borrowed (stolen) from the wonderful Matthew Webb – who manages to post significant gems like this in parallel with commentaries about RSS/RDF aggregation and links about the wonders of anal bleaching – links that I’ve followed up myself on the interhighweb to uncover a particularly fascinating post to an agony aunt on anal advisor which includes the lines:

“Several people have written to me asking me about skin bleaching in the anal area. First, let me assure you that the way your ass looks now is perfectly normal; in most people, the puckered flesh of the anus is naturally a few shades darker—or a slightly different color—than the rest of their skin.”