So it's that Buffy time of the month…

So it’s Weird Buffy News time of the month again at as once more I prove exactly why I have such trouble finding guys prepared to date me…

  • Breeders to guest-star on Buffy?
    It’s hideously-cool-life-collision time as NME reports that the Breeders’ stars Kim and Kelly Deal are likely to appear in an upcoming episode of Buffy – inspired by their incredibly rousing rendition of the Buffy theme tune which is a staple of their life sets at the moment (and which I saw them perform a couple of months ago with Cal). Drool.

  • Buffy musical to be released?
    Noise stateside seems to be that they are going to release the Buffy Musical Episode on CD, which would pretty much entirely rock, except that I can’t find any evidence for this on or

  • Whedoneque still rocks
    And you should all go there immediately…

Didn’t I hear something about Sarah Michelle Gellar quitting?!