And a full eight hours after I started the coding,'s redesign is… incomplete

As those of you who aren’t reading this site through the medium of NetNewsWire have probably already noticed, has gone through a bit of a redesign. This one, for perhaps obvious reasons, is called kottkesque and is pure CSS once more. Unfortunately, despite me having worked on it for the last eight hours, it’s 2am and it’s still incomplete. I decided – against my better judgement – to do quite a lot of the building on this one while the site was live, because I hoped I’d work faster and get the damn thing done. And that has mostly worked.

Known bugs at this stage include:

  • Form elements on the top right of the page don’t sit right on the page on most Windows browsers.
  • Sometimes links in comments and in list elements aren’t formatted correctly.
  • There is no gallery section yet, merely an empty directory listing with some old-style pages within it.
  • There are no permalinks yet (this is a difficult one to fix, but I’ll see if I can enlist Cal).
  • The links use a border property in CSS rather than the normal text-decoration – and as such don’t appear as intended in some earlier Window’s browsers. This will be fixed shortly.
  • The search results page is still formatted in the site’s old style.

If you’ve noticed any errors on the pages that aren’t part of the above list, then mail me (including details of the error and a screen-cap if possible) and I’ll endeavour to sort them out as quickly as is humanly possible – ideally within the next twenty-four hours. I know this isn’t the most professional of behaviours, but hell – it’s my personal site, I can do what the hell I like. I’ll also be undertaking some general tweaking over the next few days, as well as (hopefully) putting up a gallery of screenshots from previous incarnations of the site. If you’re one of the people who found the old site unmanageable, then welcome back. And if you hate it and it makes you cross, then find someone who you don’t like in real life and give them an earful on my behalf. I’m off to bed. Good night!