Are weblogs and webloggers sexist and homophobic? I say, no!

So the question of the moment is Are Weblogs Sexist? It’s a stunningly weird thing to argue for such a medium – where anyone can have their say and link to whatever and whomever they wish. But I suppose it’s possible to argue that the community favours, and tends to link to, posts by men – although I think it’s untrue. Someone in the same thread argues that gay webloggers are also almost invisible, but that goes directly against my personal experience, so I find it difficult to take seriously. In fact, in a discussion with Cal a while back, the suggestion was mooted that gay men particularly might be over-represented in our little community – particularly in the UK. My personal feeling is that this again is unfounded, and that it’s merely our ability to be open and visible that makes us so evident. However, if you’re really looking for a lesson to learn from all of this, then could I suggest is that we should all keep aware of how easy it is to be parochial when you’re writing about your life. Something that’s comprehensible to the widest amount of people will probably also be more interesting for them.