It's showbiz wedding time at weblog central…

“And it’s finally official: Meg and Paul are getting married! This is of course genius news about two friends of mine that I think are wonderful and totally adore. It’s enough to inspire you with hope and cheery feelings way in excess of anything generated merely with amphetamines and alcohol. Good on you kids…”

“it’s also an event that will resonate through Blogdom, whether they like it or not (and they damn better bloody like it because I can’t stop shouting about it everywhere I go). I’ve already put in two or three begging calls to be official reporter for blogdom – but don’t expect pictures, because I think they’re going to Hello! magazine. I remain concerned that I might be called to play the role of (old) maid of honour or bridesmaid – but I take heart in the possibility that Davo may have to return to England to stand beside me in a crimplene frock.”

“But at this time of happy wonderings, ladies and gentlemen, let us not forget those who have been laxer about their nuptials. While Meg and Paul’s news warms the cockles of all our hearts, will now a world full of expectant webloggers now turn their wiggling eyebrows and pointed expressions San Francisco-wards?”

“This is Tom Coates, reporting live from Los Angeles for the Weblog Entertainment Network…”