On being a 'workshy fop'

I’m not one for the constant tracking of page impressions, but I do check my stats every couple of days to find out if anyone’s crouched behind an Ice Rink whispering about me behind my back. Once you reach my level of web celebrity you have to be careful about these things. You wouldn’t understand, I’m sure. Anyway, because of a recent upgrade in the kind of reporting facilities I have, I now know the search terms that people are using to come to my site. Now of course everyone else has had this ability for years. I used to have it too. Sigh – those heady days of youth… I’ll never get them back now…

I’m commenting on this recently regained ability because I keep getting referrals from people who search for Workshy Fop. Turns out I’m the third most visible fop on the planet according to Google. What an honour. Clearly this too is an honour that most of you have little chance of even beginning to aspire to. But if you want to see if you even rate, might I suggest submitting your picture to Am I a Workshy Fop or Not?