Subjective Best British Weblog (after

Inspired by‘s comment about the Guardian award: “The whole thing seems dangerously adjacent to a World’s Greatest X mug – pointless when presented by a panel of strangers, but quite meaningful and interesting if someone I know is explaining their reasoning. So I’m hereby forging meme #1 of the Subjective Best British Weblog competition, inviting people to nominate their current favourite and tell the world why. No prizes or vote-tallying, just a meaningful signpost to somewhere worth going.” Agreed!

Unfortunately my subjective Best British Weblog is a secret one that a friend maintains and that I’m not allowed to link to. But my second favourite is probably – mainly because Matt writes things that often are just beyond my technical expertise, and he’s almost never flippant or clumsy with language, but thinks through what he wants to say carefully and thoroughly. But most importantly because he’s got a kind of weird visionary streak that means that you pick up on some of the frantic energy that motivates him through his writing and it helps you think more imaginatively as well… And as far as I’m concerned, that’s what it’s all about…