Utterly mercenary Tom wants some fucking cash for all his hard goddam work…

I can’t find the link or I’d post it. If Jason had a search box it would have been easier to find. But I know that it’s true. I know it. I remember it clearly – Jason asking someone to sponsor his site in exchange for an iBook. Now I once won an Anti-Bloggie (apologies for Google cache version) for being an unbearably mercenary and foul human being that craved money with a passion. But if that’s so true, how come I never thought of getting people to paypal me donations (see related Wired news article) to buy myself a laptop with? I mean, there was a time last year when I was going to auction off dates with myself on ebay to pay the water bills. I’m supposed to be shameless. Well anyway, I’ve bloody thought about it now and no mistake… Keep watching the skies.