Anyone need to practice their Italian?

There’s an interesting weblogs-related article up at Except it’s in Italian: ยป un contagio da Blogs. Oh and except I only think it’s interesting because when I ran it through babelfish it came up with loads of incomprehensible stuff and the line:

“We make the case simpler than a person who starts a Blog writing of its life or its interests”, explains Tom Coates, expert of Weblogs.

Which is, you know, nice. Still that doesn’t resolve my fundamental problem – my desperate need to know what the badly translated phrase, “In this way, via continuous superimpositions, detailed lists are formed interest community, than they become rich to vicissitude”, means. Amongst other things…

So what I’m thinking is how incredibly cool it would be if someone needed to practice their Italian to English translation abilities and was prepared to stick an English language version somewhere on the interhighweb…