Labor redux…

And four days after I e-mailed pretty much everyone at Salon about the appalling lack of journalistic skill evident in the repeated mis-spelling of “Labour” (the political party, not the noun) in their transcript of Bill Clinton’s speech in Blackpool, they still haven’t fixed it. Here are some examples again:

“Bill Clinton electrifies a British Labor Party conference with a more sweeping vision for global peace and progress than the current president has been able to muster.”

“Former President Bill Clinton delivered the following remarks before the Labor Party Conference in Blackpool, England, on Wednesday.”

“New Labor, this government, has not allowed that dichotomy to occur in Great Britain. “

But if you look carefully, someone’s got it right in the caption of the image at the top of the page – “Former President Clinton speaks at the Labour Party annual conference in Blackpool, England, Wednesday”. If you would like to remind the news team of Salon that basic fact-checking remains an important part of their jobs, then feel free to e-mail:, Joan Walsh, Ed Lempinen, Eric Boehlert, King Kaufman or Michelle Goldberg.