Apple news, oh Apple news, oh sweet sexy Apple news…

I’ve been thinking of buying an iBook for well over a year now. Well over. Maybe like two years or something. And now Apple have announced that they’re dropping the prices (substantially) and upping the specs a bit. And the lust is overwhelming. I genuinely need one now. It’s like a craving. It’s beyond a craving. It’s like a biological urge. I’m like a salmon being pulled upstream by an instinct so strong that I’m prepared to risk being pulled out of the river on a small piece of string, be gutted, coated in breadcrumbs and fed to some over-bited inbred Appallachian teen hairdresser-wannabe. That’s how much I need one.

In related news, Anakin Skywalker tired of the Jedi’s blue-sword-of-death and decided to switch to a more idiosyncratic and stylish brand, Apple have released a Powerbook that could outrace Superman and also burns DVDs, and I really really want an iBook.