On Barbelith, cameras and going to Norfolk…

More observant punters may have noticed that there’s been a new addition to the gallery: A weekend in Norfolk.

Some of you might be wondering how this happened… “How did Tom,” you might ask, “take all these lovely photographs of Norfolk beaches and skies when his camera was stolen only a few weeks ago?”

Losing my camera really upset me. It was bought for me by some of my closest friends and some of my favourite web people – really really sweet friends who clubbed together for my thirtieth birthday. So when it was stolen it was as if someone had smeared mud all over one of my favourite memories. I was gutted.

Anyway – time passed and then suddenly out of the blue without any warning whatsoever I found a paypal payment for $400 in my inbox complete with a link to this web-page. All my friends on Barbelith had clubbed together to replace not only the camera, but to claim the memory back as well… I’d had absolutely no idea whatsoever – they’d conducted all their business on an invisible Barbelith ghost thread!

So now I have a twice-bought camera saturated with happy memories of my thirtieth birthday and valued friends – only now it’s enhanced by an incredible act of charity from a group of lovely Barbelites… You couldn’t have asked for a better gift…