Six hours of buses, trains, walking and waiting…

3.30am Finally go to bed. Have been working for fourteen hours with only an hour break for Celebrity Big Brother. Autopsies have gone on in the background. 6.45am Alarm goes off. Get up, shower, shove loads of files online, check e-mail. 7.30am Leave flat. 8.10am Fight through rain and buses – arrive at work, print out loads of things. Twitch. 8.50am Leave for Holborn tube, run to get onto train. Fall over, hurt leg. 9.00am Bakerloo line not working. Get out and catch bus. 9.30am Arrive at Paddington for ten o’clock train. 10.10am Train still not boarding… 12.00pm Train supposed to arrive in Cardiff. 12.45pm Train arrives in Cardiff. 1.10pm Arrive at BBC Cardiff. 2.00pm Start presentation. 3.30pm Finish presentation. 4.00pm Leave BBC Cardiff. 4.50pm Train leaves for Paddington. 7.00pm Train arrives at Paddington. 7.30pm Arrive home. Sit in dumb, slack-jawed silence watching Home Front in the Garden in my overcoat. 9.00pm Write blog-entry.