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Some of my favourite UpMyStreet Conversations

UpMyStreet Conversations is starting to pick up now, which means that I can start directing people to some of the best and most useful threads that I’m finding on it…

  • Congestion Charges
    Does anyone know when these are due to be introduced? What are the boundaries going to be>? And do we, as residents of London have any say on the matter?

  • Tired of the same old bars
    I’m sick of going to the same old bars near to work in the Tottenham Court Road – Holborn area. Can people suggest good pubs to help me out?

  • Mobile Phone Masts
    I live in a really built up area but the council have deemed it appropriate to put mobile phone masts on top of a nearby council block (Rochester Square). Although I have requested more info and research documentation from the Camden Council it is slow in coming and I wondered if anyone knew of any information sites that could give me more info on the threats of the masts…

  • Local Broadband (ADSL)
    Is there anyone else in the Breckland/Great Hockham area (Gt. Hockham exchange) that would like to see BT upgrade the local exchange to deliver ADSL to the local populace, if BT is to be believed there is virtually no interest in broadband for this area! I find this very hard to believe.