Suggestions for an application to auto ID3 things…

You know what would be incredibly useful? A little application that you could run on a whole batch of MP3s that tried to work out what they are based on length and any text that was in the ID3 tags. So you’d grab all your MP3s that weren’t fully tagged up and you’d chuck em all in a folder. You’d get your ID3alizer and set it to work. It would have song length information and a set of search terms that it could run against each one of them (derived from whatever dysfunctional tags you had to work with, if any), starting with the artist. It would then present you with a screen that had the current ID3 tags on the left and the suggested replacements on the right with a simple ‘Is this correct? Yes / No’ set of functioning criteria. If it wasn’t correct, it’d just suggest the second alternative. Stick a track preview button on the same screen (to remind you what the track is if you’ve forgotten) and you’d have an incredibly useful little application.

Useful related links: CityofSound says: “Sounds like it might work nicely as a brute-force, lo-fi (cheap!) alternative (or precursor) to the collaborative-expert-based service I outlined previously.”