The favourite films of the Celebrity Big Brother Contestants…

Ok, I don’t want to be scathing. I really don’t. But on the site for Celebrity Big Brother you can find out the favourite films of the various contestants. Some of them aren’t particularly surprising – Anne Diamond likes Some Like It Hot and Les Dennis is a bit of a fan of It’s a Wonderful Life. They make a certain amount of sense. And it also makes a certain amount of sense that Sue Perkins (who unrelatedly and incidentally comes from Planet Lesbolia) might be a fan of All About My Mother.

On the other hand do we really believe that boy-band wash-out Mark Owen is really obsessed with Life is Beautiful? Or that the all-over cosmetically enhanced Melinda Messenger finds The Royal Tenenbaums more thrilling than boob jobs? And even if we’re being generous enough to buy them, do we for a minute think that hard-man gold-toothed Drum’N’Bass star Goldie – the man who has spent four days in comedy wigs and goggle-eyed specs – is really obsessed with watching Magnolia over and over again?

I’m being a snob. I’m going to hell. A few more celebrity factoids: Mark Owen it seems is an obsessive fan of renowned homosexualist Rufus Wainwright and Anne Diamond loves Star Trek and looks terrifyingly like my old academic supervisor. How exciting is that.