While I'm doing the gay thing…

While I’m doing the gay thing, and more to remind myself than anyone else, here are a few of the stories that I got this morning when I did a search for ‘gay’ on Google News – just to show the battles are not yet won and that there is still a weight of prejudice and misinformation that must continually be fought…

  • Three plead innocent in slaying of transgender Newark teen
    Remember this is a world in which murdering gay people can be considered to be a problem that the murderer has rather than a crime – cf. homosexual panic.

  • A Church seeks healing
    In which this statement is made: “Liberals are pushing the notion that the Catholic clergy should be opened to women, or married men, while conservatives are suggesting the priesthood be closed to gay men.” This is despite the fact that the vast majority of child sexual-abuse happens inside families and is perpetrated by straight men against young female relatives.

  • This Rawhide Kid rubs me the wrong way
    And I quote, ” Tamara and I were sitting at home on a Friday night about a month ago. I clicked on pay-per-view by time and got a list of movies. Then I scrolled up to previews and clicked. The last thing I expected (or wanted) to see was two shirtless males in a passionate love embrace, groping and playing tonsil hockey. It was as close to keeling over as I’ve ever come. Even closer than the morning I opened the paper and spied the headline “Men kissing men makes me sick” on one of my columns. I’m not saying everyone’s viewing habits have to be the same. But is it really necessary to make scenes like this available to 12-year-olds?” And I ask – if heterosexual scenes like that are not made available to twelve-year-olds either then you might have a point… Otherwise you’re just a member of that prejudiced group of nutters that can no longer say proudly that they think gay people are disgusting without getting pelting with fruits…

  • Besieged Suisun City Chief says he’s gay
    And because it is still somehow acceptable to stereotype gay people as feckless nancies, it’s ok to write this: “It is a distinction that will almost surely focus more attention on the relatively tiny, 28-officer department to see what happens in the macho bastion of law enforcement when a gay man is leading the way.”