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Bon mots about Trackback…

A select few AIM bon mots about trackback from the last 24 hours or so that demonstrate that I have absolutely bugger-all idea what I’m doing on the internet and should probably go back to sheep-herding or something like that – something that’s not as intellectually taxing and that I can’t be so resolutely, systematically bad at:

“Question: Is trackback a pile of fucking arse that makes no sense whatsoever and doesn’t do what it says on the tin except in the most circuitous and ludicrously bad way possible?”

“How Trackback works in a nutshell: So linky article links to linked article then the linky thing sends a little note to the linked thing saying I’m trying to link to you and the linked thing goes So the fuck what? and the linky thing asks Didn’t I do this right? and the linked thing goes No, you don’t use the actual URL you use a magic different one that you don’t know and can’t easily find automatically unless you understand weird magic code and the linky thing goes You’re shitting me and the linky thing says No.”

“Trackback isn’t new-fangled, it’s just bad-fangled.”

“Someone said to me that the what of trackback was genius even if the how was terrible. I want to suggest that the same holds true of a brick that you claim can travel faster than light.”