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How has Blogger changed your life?

This post marks the end of a personal era. Over the last three and a bit years I have religiously written something into Blogger almost each and every day. From late 1999, when I’d been in London less than a year, to getting my job at Time Out, to my disasterous relationships, through my period of limited work, right around to my stuff with EMAP, the BBC and UpMyStreetBlogger has been with me. It’s been to conferences with me, it’s been to Los Angeles with me (twice) and New York with me (once). It’s seen me make any number of dumb personal websites, been with me when I watched the Twin Towers collapse. It’s sat beside me as I witnessed global news events and dumb websites involving kittens. Blogger has helped me make any number of great new friends (so many in fact that I’m bound to leave some out accidentally).
Today I say goodbye to Blogger and Blogger Pro. I’ve finally come to a decision. I’ve finally made the leap to Movable Type. It’s a strange sensation – knowing that I won’t be seeing that comforting black, blue and red site each and every day. My reasons are probably clear to most people so I won’t go into them – I couldn’t be critical of the service if I tried. It’s done so much for me – and for remarkably little in return. So instead, to say goodbye, I’m going to use one of the new features available to me and ask you all to raise your glasses and answer the question: How has Blogger changed your life?