On the first two weeks of 2003…

So what have you seen in the first two weeks of 2003? Shortly after New Year I travelled up to Suffolk to visit a friend who had rented a cottage by the sea for her thirtieth birthday. The weather was stunning and we got to walk on the beach.

The morning after the night before we travelled around a bit, ending up wandering around the astonishingly intact Orford Castle.

While wandering around the village we found several restaurants serving fish and an amazing place that smoked fish and cheese and hocks of ham, and you could watch them doing it (and take photos).

And when we returned to London it wasn’t more than a few days before the weather had changed completely, and blue-skies and ice-cold winds had turned into huge flakes of snow. Here’s the view from my back window:

I’m quite happy with the stuff I’ve done and seen so far this year. If it’s all of a comparable standard, I think I’ll be quite satisfied…