Robbie Williams supports prostitution and organised crime…

So Robbie Williams supports prostitution and organised crime? Well – according to the culture minister Kim Howells, he does… And why? Because he supports ‘internet piracy’. After all, as we all know, music distribution online is all about making lots and lots of money – so much money that organised crime had to get in on the act! I suppose it’s more than we could hope that anyone in power would actually get the internet enough to understand which things are likely and plausible and which things are just scaremongering and stupidity. Here’s a quote from Mr Williams:

Williams, speaking at a music conference in Cannes, is reported to have said:”I think it’s great, really I do. There is nothing anyone can do about it. I am sure my record label would hate me saying it, and my manager and my accountants.”

And here’s a corresponding quote full of stupidity from Kim Howells:

“In saying that piracy is a ‘great idea’, Williams is doing the work for international gangs involved in drugs and prostitution who find music piracy an excellent way of laundering their profits.”

I would suggest that you e-mail him or fax him explaining internet piracy to him – explaining that no one makes any money from it – but of course he doesn’t have a website or an e-mail address. I was then going to suggest that you send him a fax, but unfortunately is down because one of the volunteers who runs it has the builders in. Quite why such a core service isn’t supported by the Government remains a mystery…[Read more idiocy at Google News]