I'm voting LIBERTY X…

So Project Stupidly-Long-Post about this iWire post is taking much longer than I’d expected, and work’s suddenly started taking up my mental space for the first time in a month or so, and I’ve been trying to get some stuff finished for Ben Hammersley and my door’s being fixed (long story behind that one connected to an earlier post of mine). And basically this all adds up to a busy little Tom who can’t think of things to write on his site. Except he’s been collecting things he does want to talk about, and rather than discard them, he’s going to do another linklog. But he’s going to do it shamefully and in full recognisance that he’s basically shirking his intellectual responsibilities to the world. And with the shirking of intellectual responsibilities in mind, let’s jump straight into…

  • The Latest Liberty X video
    The were the anti-group-by-committee pop-group that was itself made by committee and managed to come out with considerably more attitude than the demographically-generated Hear’say. Obviously that doesn’t make them any good – but at least they have the class to take the piss out of themselves. This rather high-quality cover features the band mass-producing hundreds of duplicates of themselves in an effort to get high quality mass-culture pop product out to the masses. Highly entertaining and much recommended…

  • Katy’s Coccyx
    So this is totally the grossest thing you’ll see on the web today – my good friend Katy Kitschbitch has had an operation on her lower back – and decided not only to keep what they removed, but also to take meaty pictures of it and put them online. Utterly grotesque. Strangely compelling. Get well soon, Katy!

  • Tom Lenk on Buffy spin-offs
    “Danny and I keep suggesting that the season finale, which is potentially the end of the show, should end with me kneeling down at Jonathan’s grave, putting blood on my face like Willow did [when she resurrected Buffy]. After I resurrect him, we build a robot of Warren, and then we have our own show. Then we’re hired by the government to use our powers for good, and we’re given a watcher, which would be played by Morgan Fairchild!”