Monday Morning Linklog…

Depressingly, at some point it looks like I’m going to be compelled to go for the full separate link-log option, but at the moment you’re just going to have to make-do with the annotated lists that I slap up every so often…

  • Safari to get tabbed browsing
    If you’re a fan of tabbed browsing, then this article (which includes scary looking pictures) is interesting, if not entirely reassuring. Positive feature: ‘x’ on each tab allows you to close it. Negative feature: apparently an entirely new form of tab style – hanging downwards from the URL.

  • Daypop Wordbursts & Top Blogs
    Two new toys from the daypop crew today. Wordbursts is the more interesting of the two – following on from the New Scientist article about trend-spotting in webloggery from a few days back. I don’t know that such a shallow analysis will reveal any particularly huge trends at this stage, but there’s no denying that it could in the long-term. The ‘Top Blogs’ thing is more notable for the internal Google-style weighting system – the more heavily linked-to a weblog is, the greater its ‘page-rank’ and in turn the more effect its links have. It’s an interesting approach, but one I have to think in more depth.