The end is nigh for clumsy irony…

Dame Edna EverageOk. Here’s a funny one for you. Dame Edna Everage – that woman who is you know actually a man (sorry if I spoiled that for you) and who makes a living by saying really funny offensive things that satirise Australia, the nouveau riche and the terminally classless – that same Dame Edna Everage manages to crack a joke in a Vanity Fair column suggesting that a reader shouldn’t bother to learn Spanish because there’s nothing worth reading in it – and it’s the language of “leaf blowers” and “the help”. Rather than finding this an entertaining satire on the kind of ludicrous self-involved people who actually think such clap-trap, Latina magazine gets into a big strop about it (via Gawker) subsequently forcing poor Vanity Fair to actually apologise. It sure is a sorry day for clumsy irony.