The Valentine's Day Link Massacre…

It’s the day before Valentine’s Day, that most accursed of all days. Accursed for all time because of the way the saint in question was beaten with clubs and beheaded for worshipping the ‘wrong’ super-powered fantasy figure. The same day of disaster and terror that saw the gangland executions of seven mobsters in 1929. This day of poisonous snacks and symbolically ripped-out bodily organs. Like the Roman Saturnalia only without any of the fun and with a hell of a lot more Meg Bloody Ryan, is there really anything worse than Valentine’s Day?

Well I can’t make the stupid day go away, but I can distract you with frivolous trivia and trashy links!

  • Interview with’s designer
    I spent ages trying to find out about who built when it first launched, and now there’s a whole interview with its creator over at new-favourite-weblog

  • Faith – the TV series?
    As Buffy approaches what seems like it should be an ending, what comes next? Could it be a Faith TV series – maybe with support from Willow the witch? If so, count me in…

  • Rogue Semiotics on UpMyStreet Conversations
    Now this is why we build Conversations in the first place: ‘”How much do I love UpMyStreet? Well, a decent amount, particularly as it serves the basic but essential community function of being like standing in the greengrocers for five minutes.”

  • Sea Lions Guard US ships
    ” The sea lions have been trained to carry a special clamp in their mouths which they can attach to a suspicious person, Commander John Wood, Special Operations Officer Naval Forces Central Command, told Reuters” [Thanks Meg]

  • Poor Old Adam loses his job in Apple Store
    “When I went to my heart sank, my knees went weak. it was that oh fuck feeling that you know when something really bad has happened.”

  • Sharon and Grant get married
    The nicest site I’ve ever ever found in my referral logs.