Big Gay Linkage…

Ok. Next year I want to be a Best Gay Chap nominee again. Do you understand me? I’m not satisfied with just being known for my design skills. I want to be the world’s best homo. I know I don’t talk about it very much, but that’s just because being gay is really boring, not because I’m not any good at it. I’m really good at it. I’m the Leonardo Da Vinci of Big Gay Shit. Am I convincing anyone? I should stick to talking about weblogs really. At least then I know what I’m talking about…

  • Jonno’s Cute Dead Guy of the Week
    My personal favourite has to be Louis Lingg, who was not only an anarchist and really hot, but also blew himself up in jail by putting a bomb in his mouth. You don’t get much cooler than that.

  • Christina Aguilera’s Beautiful video [real: lo | med | hi]
    You know when pop-stars can be as sensitive as this, it’s almost worth having them exploit our pain to sell records! I hope she gets another really big house. I really do.

  • Diesel Sweeties’ tasteful take on gay lovin’
    “I am an eccentric millionaire. Indie-Rock Pete, I will pay you for eccentric gay sex experimentation.”

  • Soccer Practice by Gay Pimp
    This utterly terrible song about hot soccer jocks is mostly entertaining for its dodgy gay subversion of ‘ho’-centred rap/pop videos. Also partially entertaining for taking the piss out of sporty straight-boys. Warning: Quite rude, ungodly and just plain wrong.