Saturday Night Linkage…

I’m still reeling from writing that last post in a blast of confused and desperate-to-get-it-out-there enthusiasm. And I still have no idea whether it’s total bunk or not. So I’m going to throw out my linklog for the evening and leave it at that. Tomorrow I may write about any of the following things that have been going on:

  • Giving a statement to the police about my burglar;
  • Getting tickets to see The Bangles live in concert;
  • Spotting Jake Gyllenhaal in Chalk Farm tube;

But all that’s for tomorrow. Tonight, you must simply accept limited microcontent votage with a little snide commentary. This is what’s going down:

  • Google’s Memory Upgrade
    The relationship between Google/Blogger and the Memex as explored by Steven Johnson. And in the process, Mr Webb’s thoughts are referenced.

  • Let them hate as long as they fear
    “So oderint dum metuant it is. I could talk about the foolishness of such blatant bullying รณ or about the incredible risks, in a multiethnic, multiracial society, of even hinting that one might encourage a backlash against Hispanics.”

  • Weblogs are all blah blah blah
    From the people who brought you, “God, isn’t it annoying how the world is still round?!” and “Don’t you find it infuriating how light, you know, works?!”

  • Camino 0.7 is released
    Only interesting to those of you with OSX of course. Camino is the new name for the browser-previously-known-as-Chimera.