Any minute now…

Any minute now I’m going to have to launch into a huge tract about social software – about the good things and the bad things, about the cult that’s emerging around the term (with all it’s requisite ecstasies and rites of initiation), about how much the way people write about it reminds me of how people used to write about the internet before it became saturated with hype and the companies came and grew and then exploded in shards and collapsed upon themselves taking many good people with them. At a certain point, I might even have to mention that there’s a tremendous power here, but that it’s an extension of / redevelopment of / repurposing of earlier insights made by people making MOOs, MUDs, bulletin boards, message-boards and wikis and how I love working in it but I’m scared of the way people are talking it up and I wish people would build more brilliant things rather than talking about it. And then inevitably – shortly afterwards – I’ll probably write something more about it myself… It’s not like it was with my other baby. Weblogging grew gradually and properly and organically through the interactions of real people. This one’s being increasingly owned by the wrong people.