Insane Link-frenzy…

One of my windows in Safari is full of tabs – so full of tabs that I can’t actually find the stuff I want to work with without closing them. And Safari doesn’t have a neat “Bookmark all tabs” option like Camino, so I have to bloody bookmark them individually. Except I’m not going to do that, I’m just going to post the damn things to my site and let God sort ’em out later…

  • CNN posts premature obituaries
    “While all news organizations prepare obituaries in advance of the deaths of famous individuals, the folks at CNN inadvertently gave the Internet-surfing public a chance to preview how the network’s web site would note the demise of Vice President Dick Cheney, Ronald Reagan, and a few other prominent figures.”

  • Prepare to meet thy Doom
    “These days, the employees at id need to play with pain. They’re hard at work on Doom III, which is already a shoo-in for event of the year in the $10.8 billion videogame industry, even though it’s not expected out until fall.”

  • Dive into Mark on spammers and WaSP
    “That?s right, folks. Scumbags were setting up web sites, spamming millions of people trying to sucker them into clicking through to said web sites, and then immediately redirecting them off-site to get them to upgrade their browser first before allowing them to be suckered.”

  • 24 hours watching the world look for answers at Google
    “The computer screen is divided horizontally. On the bottom, the Google queries, 10 visible at a time, stream up and, after 5 seconds, disappear. Each also carries the location of the questioner, often down to the city, but sometimes only the country, the Internet portal (e.g., AOL), or, when the source is untraceable, just question marks.”