Because you turn around for a moment and he’s gone and posted another dozen links (and because – if I’m honest – I’m seldom resistant to repurposing his work), I present “Meta-kottke: Reading the remaindered so you don’t have to” (filtered from Jason’s recent remaindered links bin):

  • Apple buying Universal Music
    Good story if it’s true. If it’s true then it’s connected to the other big Apple rumour – that they’re going to be selling MP3 equivalents over the interhighweb as quickly as next month.

  • So webloggers talk into a video camera and it gets on TV?
    What a dumb / brilliant idea. Way better than that thing with the monkey that Pepsi want to do that I was talking about yesterday…

  • Converting PC applications to OSX – Apple’s interface guidelines are totally fascinating. One of the best things I’ve read today. Thanks Jason!
  • Article about Powerpoint. And let’s end with a profoundly annoying post. Argument: You either too much writing on your presentation and everyone reads it instead of looking at you or you don’t write anything and the presentation means nothing when you’re done. Why argument is bunk: Because there’s a bit under the slide where you can explain what the slide means – the equivalent of having someone there to talk you through it. If you write the bloody thing.