More Hydra Collaborative Annotations

I think when you’re born you maybe get a discreet amount of mental storage and then maybe when you’ve used up that amount of storage then maybe it all seeps out of your ears or something. This is a really good way to prove that we’re not all living in a huge simulation – no computer system could hold all the information and resonance that’s being jammed into my brain at the moment. I need someone fat to sit on my head so that I can keep the lid down.

  • Hydra notes on Social Software and Social Capital
    James Cronin’s and Matt Jones’ talk was slightly compromised by an initial clunkiness with the projector. I think they think it threw the whole thing off balance, but it was really involving and interesting…

  • Hydra notes on What Groups Will Be
    A fascinating afternoon’s lecture by David Weinberger touched on some apparently slight but actually pretty profound questions about how social interactions work and/or don’t work online and what we can do about it (if anything). Good notes here as well on uses of Hydra…