Remaindered Links (after Kottke)…

Ok. So I’m back in London and I’m struggling to get back up to speed with what’s been going on in my absence. It’s terrifying how much can happen in a week. It’s terrifying how behind you can feel… Keeping hold of that sensation – where you’re actually riding the crest of the meme-stream is becoming an ever more difficult way of passing the time…

  • Debates of Artistic Value in Rock Music:
    A Case Study of the Band Weezer, 1994-2001

    A shameful confession – I haven’t read this yet. Normally I make it a bit of a point of honour to read everything that I post up here. I won’t post it unless I’ve read it. But this is really long

  • What’s wrong with Dorian’s Eye?
    So I took a picture of my friend Dorian’s eye. He works next to me. He’d put in eye drops. I put the picture on my site. Ha! Ha! Very funny! Suddenly – months later – there’s a huge online discussion about why his eye’s all like that. Everyone’s taking it very seriously. Kind of strange.

  • The Weblog Revolution
    Meg Hourihan brings everyone up to speed on this whole “Weblog” thing in one of the most concise and clear introductions I’ve read.

  • /
    After a discussion last week between lots of cool fun people at UMS, the people who are allowed near the code-base put Geo URL metatags into every page on the site. I’ve not really got a clear sense of what people out there might do with this information, but I’m quite looking forward to finding out…