Wotchadoin' World?

I’ve been making diagrams. Don’t ask. I’ve been making diagrams. I’m in love with Omnigraffle and I don’t have time to post about what I’m thinking about because I’m too busy making diagrams about it. Hopefully I’ll hit some kind of legitimate plateau soon though and the diagrams will all coalesce with the stuff that I’ve been meaning to finish for ages and suddenly there’ll be loads of longer pieces from me appearing about Trackback, about Micro-paradigm shifts as a metaphor for online discussion, about social networks and the like… In the meantime, it’s brief link-log orgy time again – today mostly about online publishing work…

  • Evil Nick Denton seeks Kottkesque Designer
    For some reason I keep thinking of Phil Gyford when I read this job description, although maybe Phil’s work is a bit astringent for the consumer press. Maybe Denise would be a better bet. Having said that though, Nick probably wants someone who’s not only based in the USA but also stinkingly cheap.

  • Salon secures funding
    To which – in my current mood – all I can really say is “Well bully for you” – and what precisely have you done to empower the citizenry..? In the meantime, UpMyStreet has got a really nice write-up in The Register at the moment.

  • The Always-On Network
    There’s something simultaneously very satisfying and utterly depressing about a stripped-down Slashdot clone founded by people like accenture and KPMG. It’s like the apex and nadir of weblog culture in one. Like Madonna singing “American Pie” – you win / you lose. They’re almost the same thing anyway…