Crème de Webloggia…

The last week and a half or so has seen me in fairly odd headspace – I’ve been pursuing a number of work-related leads, talking to substantial numbers of intriguing people and helping out friends with projects large and small. I have a number of forms I have to fill in and a number of phone calls I should be making. I have – of course – a number of bills to pay.

All this being the case, I’ve not had a chance to post as much as I would normally like. I’ve got a piece on the boil that I want to try and get out over the weekend if possible, but in the meantime you’re going to have to make-do with scraps.

  • Interview with Brent Simmons
    Among other really interesting insights comes a surprising and plausible statement: “I probably wouldn’t hire anybody for anything unless they had a weblog.”
  • Bucket ‘O’ iPods
    “At that price,” an Apple source said, “we’re actually losing money on each iPod. “But we make it up in volume,” he claimed.
  • Scott Mills’ Gay Bar
    What total unmitigated wanker thought this was a non-insulting, non-degrading, non-offensive idea? No, really. I want to know…
  • Aaron Swartz’ Buffy Epiphany
    “On February 21, 2003 on watched my first episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Since then, I have watched every aired episode of Buffy, spinoff Angel, and creator Joss Whedon?s other show, Firefly, from the beginning, in order…”
  • Making Water Go Uphill
    This year’s Chelsea Flower Show includes an Escher-esque fountain in which water travels uphill. My mother is at the show this year, with a floral arrangement from Wroxham Flower Club.