On Apple, music & piles…

  • Deep inside Apple’s piles
    The metaphor of piles of documents (that Apple are supposedly integrating into the next version of OSX) seems to me to be one that would work really well in a weblog context as well – loose aggregated groups of posts that don’t really constitute ongoing categories but which have similar associations…

  • Acquisition X
    Now we have the Apple Music Store we probably won’t need file-sharing applications any more. Which is a shame, because Acquisition X is far superior to Limewire as a Gnutella client;

  • Tesugen on iTunes
    “I have shared smart playlists such as Songs Played Today, Best Songs Played Today, and also a dumb playlist into which I drag songs that I like at the moment. (Of course, I’ve also shared my default smart playlist, which plays songs randomly selected from all that are rated 2?5, and that haven’t been played in the last 4 weeks.) Witness iTunes becoming social software?” I’m not convinced myself;

  • Time magazine talks to Steve
    And Steve says, “This is really hard. Over the last several years we’ve created an infrastructure to pump oceans of bits out in the world for movie trailers and stuff, and that’s tens of millions of dollars for server farms and networking farms ? it’s huge ? and we’ve already got that in place. And to have millions of transactions, and to get our online store all tied into SAP and have the auditors bless it, that’s tens of millions of dollars…” [Is $1 too much for a track?]

  • Credit Card Micropayments
    A really interesting article on how Apple may have made micropayments economically viable… “So Apple’s new music store sells songs for 99ยข per track. That sounds suspiciously like a micropayment (or at least a “minipayment”) system to me. Somehow, Apple is pulling it off using the traditional credit card system. Everyone knows your profit margin is eaten alive in transaction fees for multiple small credit card purchases. So how is Apple doing it? I think I know.”