The End of Days…

I’ve just seen the final episode of Buffy. Here is my initial response:

I don’t really know what to say, because I’ve kind of been excited
about the whole thing but also kind of dreading it, because it would
have to be good, really – it would have to be good *enough* to be
a fitting end to all that had gone before, and I think it was. I really
think it was…

I’m delighted Angel came in and got out of it so soon. I’m delighted
that they didn’t push the Angel / Spike conflict and I’m really glad
that finally, at the end of days, they let things lighten up – to return
to the simplest elements.

Buffy’s realisation is interesting and unexpected. You get so used to
these bits of lore that you forget that someone had to think of them
eventually – be they man or god – and that things can can be remade

There were a lot of people they could have killed for cheap effect, but they
didn’t. The deaths were gruesome but valiant. Anya has never
been more glorious. Almost unmourned though, which was a bit creepy…

Andrew survived. He should and he did. He’s there to show that there’s
nothing simple about redemption. It’s not just throwing yourself in a pit.
Buffy’s always been better than that. And the little girls all around the
world… Awesome touch. Really nice.

Spike. Spike. Spike. They needed more Buffy subtext and explanation of this
stuff, but he was still pretty awesome. And I don’t know as yet whether
that means the move to Angel is a con or not. Certainly he’s never been
more glorious. It makes me wonder about the vampire with a soul
thing from Angel. Is his story over?

Willow the White, Xander and Dawn in the corridors. Shopping. Malls. School Buses and Slayers. It might not have been the ending that we dreamed of, but only because some parts (small parts maybe) weren’t dreamable about. And if you were worried about the scale of Willo’s tiny evil temple last year – then you’re not going to be let-down this year. This is pretty damn huge…