When burglars go down!

A while ago I found out that they’d caught the guy who committed the burglary on my flat at the end of last year. I was delighted, but also a bit nervous – the whole next part of the process, possibly appearing as a witness, going through the whole legal process (forms!), seeing him in person in the dock – all that stuff scared the hell out of me. Also – that was the time when I found out his name. I didn’t expect them to tell it to me, but there it was at the top of the letter. That brought it all home, really. How personal the whole thing was. Well anyway, today – amazing news – not only has he been arrested, but he’s had his first hearing and he’s pleaded guilty! So he gets sentenced in a few days and it’s all over. Justice prevails! And I might now be able to get a decent night’s sleep.

Addendum: Having said all that, I forgot that last night at two in the morning, the police came around to search my next door neighbours’ flat (our front doors are six inches apart) because their son (who’s a bloody menace, noisy and aggressive) had just beaten the crap out of his girlfriend and she’d finally called the police. I’m not convinced I’m living in the safest area…