Wow, that hit a bit close to home…

Celebrating the 30,000 word point, Cory posts a 2,000 excerpt from his upcoming book /usr/bin/god (thanks to The Link Machine]:

“You’re the kind of sneering, creative, self-important ‘consultant’ that sucked the economy dry. You’re a carpetbagger, Mason. You’re a phony. You have a Humanities degree. You know the gag-lines from last night’s South Park, but you can’t write code from stubs. Wherever there’s an entrepreneur with a great idea and a little money, there you are, like a tapeworm, eating the company out from the inside. I’ve seen a thousand of you, Mason, and there’s no more place for you in the Valley. Go find another industry to pick on, and get the fuck out of mine.” He delivered this all with a wet smile and a charming crinkle in his eye and only the veins standing out in his neck mirrored the hostility of his words.