Working in the West Wing…

It’s been a slow-posting week on and that’s directly related to fast-moving, sleepless, hectic first week of new job acclimatisation. It’s still far too early to get a sense of what our every-day work is going to be like, but if it’s anything like what we’ve been doing so far then it’s going to be extraordinarily good fun.

Sometimes at UpMyStreet I’d lament the fact that working life was so infrequently like The West Wing. I’d developed a bit of a taste for thrusting, self-determining creative work while working for the BBC’s Making it Happen project, but UpMyStreet – for all the good work we did and all the cool people I met when I worked there – was not that kind of place. It didn’t have that kind of atmosphere at all.

This job has West Wing potential. Serious West Wing potential in fact… (Guess who was in the building on Friday). I can already see myself striding through corridors telling people about wheat yields in Arkansas, colliding with other walking-conversations about speech-writing and Congress. Will I fall over the camera? Will I remember my lines?