The Quest for Fonts…

First thing I have to say is that Identifont is an extremely cool and really useful font-finding utility. The next thing to say is that despite the fact it’s extremely cool, it didn’t help me find the two fonts that I’ve been scrabbling around to find for the last week. So this is where you guys come in. I figure maybe you can help me (since my life-long love, Mr. Internet, has completely let me down).

So here we have the first font as it decorates the front cover of the July issue of The Face. Now the weird thing with this font is that I have spent weeks fiddling around with a logo with the word ‘dirty’ in it. Literally weeks. After about twenty passes over the logo, desperately trying to get it looking roughly accurate, I suddenly stumble upon this issue of The Face. Sitting there in my sitting room. The two ‘dirty’s look identical. I’m the most derivative designer alive. Nonetheless, now I want to find the damn font. It’s all through the issue.. Can you help?

Now the other font I’m looking for is – coincidentally – also in the same issue of The Face, although it’s not where I saw it originally. It’s a highly stylised psuedo-cursive that looks a bit like Neon. The best place to see it is on page 153 in the ‘tracks’ section. It’s the font that they use for the name of the reviewer at the end of each review. I’ve seen it all over the place recently, but I can’t seem to find out much about it online. Please help!