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So here’s a thought – the Apple Music Store has sold 10,000,000 songs. And the new iPod now has space for 10,000 songs. So if you needed a place to put all those 10,000,000 songs, you would only need 1,000 iPods. I wonder to myself – could you work out how many ‘spaces for songs’ that Apple have sold based upon their sales of the various sizes of iPods. You could then work out the average number of spaces for songs per iPod. An interesting figure would be the percentage of songs that are on an average iPod that were bought from the Apple Music Store… As Matt Jones said when I IM’d him about this – “Infographic ahoy!”

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Would never work.
My iPod has about 8,000 songs on it with precisely NONE bought from the Apple Music Store (and amazingly ALL the MP3s are from CDs I own… no seriously!).
Of course I really should go and look at what they are selling, my fear it that if/when something like this starts in the UK, it’ll be chart stuff only and I really *don’t* wanna pursue lists of Christina, Justin and the like for any little nuggets of hope.

Of course, at a dollar a throw (with no resale value and limited usage) who’s going to have paid to download more than about 5% of a 10k capactiy iPod?

So Tom (Carden) – is the price you pay for a CD strictly dependent on the number of times you estimate you will play that disk in its lifetime, and any residual value in it x number of years down the line? 🙂
My, that’s a cold way to look at the joy of music…

This also assumes that all 10M songs are unique songs. My guess is that there are probably two orders of magnitude fewer songs than downloads. But be safe and say 1M songs, with the average being downloaded ten times.
But it would be interesting to see how many come from the Apple Music Store. If mine is any indication, it would mean 1/7332. But I’m also a Windows user (boo hiss)– don’t you think a Macintosh user/iPod owner might have more, as iTunes articulates so well with the Apple Music Store?

Approximately 0.44% of the songs on my iPod are from the Apple Music Store, even given that I use a Mac. The simple reason for this is that the AMS is overpriced and provides rubbish service. It doesn’t have either interesting, obscure music or new music. I bought one album to test it. It’s better than the other pay services (apart perhaps from but that’s really not saying much.

It’s not *all* rubbish. Scrape away the Avril Lavigne and Matchbox 20 and there’s plenty of good material on AMS ; in the last month I’ve downloaded some hard-to-find compilations by the Boswell Sisters and Etta James; the two excellent Verve “Remixed” jazz/electronica collections; several early career albums by the Talking Heads and Sonic Youth that I own only on cassette (cassette!) and didn’t have the wherewithal to digitize; and, more recently, the new CD from Erykah Badu, one of the few contemporary big-label artists I enjoy very much – and which cost me six bucks less than had I purchased it at Tower or Amazon.
If you’re a “music devotee” who only finds credibility in small independent labels with limited distribution, yes. the AMS is sorely lacking. But on the whole it’s turned out to be a much better resource than I’d expected. While the albums I mentioned and a few other tracks amount to less than 2% of the items in my music library (and on my iPod), that’s not such a bad percentage for a service that’s only been available for a couple of months. It’ll be interesting to see what those figures will be like a year from now.

I was wondering, are the Apple Ipods worth the money? I would like one very much but they are extremly pricey. Do they get damaged easily?

Thank you for the email. I am after the 20GB one. The only thing holding me back would be the price and that I would be very worried about scratching it. I will post again if I buy one and let you know what I think. Hannah

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