I am (officially) ill…

So I’ve been feeling really run-down for the last couple of weeks, but – hey – you know – who doesn’t. Anyway I thought if Matt and I stopped working so hard for a couple of days and just let our minds and bodies catch up with the world, then I’d feel a bit better and I decided to end one of those days by going out for a couple of drinks. And – I’ll admit it – I had a couple of cigarettes. And then I woke up this morning unable to stand properly and with a throat that the flu fairy had attacked with a rusty old cheese-grater. Anyway, I went to work anyway because clearly having days off is evil and wrong and only lightweights do it. I bought loads of pills and took loads of pills and just about managed to get through the day and get home before promptly barfing all over the place and collapsing exhausted onto the sofa. I am, it seems, officially ill.

As this has clearly been building for a while now, I think I’m going to assume that it’s the reason that I’ve felt so enervated and unable to accomplish anything for the last couple of weeks. So – taking advantage of the fact that I’ve now been lying on my sofa for three hours solidly without really moving at all and have therefore built up some typing energy – I’m going to (1) briefly apologise for the lack of posts recently (2) say thank you to the lovely person who bought me Nowhere off my wishlist (unless I bought it for myself (which it occurs to me it quite possible, although I don’t remember doing it) and (3) look rather surprised at myself for having just accidentally bought a Powerbook on the day that they announced the shipping date for Panther.

Oops! Here comes lunch again. Best be off.

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Fwiw, I had it last week – and it took a week to get my mind back. Get well soon.
Going in to work is a bad thing, I managed to infect half of my team in just a day when I first had a sore throat.
Stay at home, put Terry and Gaby on, and relax!

And just in case anyone thinks I’m some kinda hardcase making Tom feel like a lightweight about not going to work, for the record I told him to go home at lunchtime 😉 He’s also achieved loads in the last coupla weeks – and awesome stuff too. Must be frustrating that your boss knows where you blog … Though actually it was me buying him at least one of those drinks. Hmm. They were Jamie’s fags though. Honest.
Get well soon Tom … Take it easy, mate.

My most sincere apologies for forcing the above quota cigarettes on you, they are the devil it’s true… you’ll be pleased to hear that in return your accidental purchase has head locked me into a ‘put money where mouth is’ situation – how did that happen??

Its not going to work that makes you ill. Its taking time off. Everytime I’ve had a week’s holiday and gone somewhere nice for the last few years, I’ve ended up with flu whilst *on* holiday. Prague – flu. West Cork – flu. Turkey – flu.
I’m not going on holiday anymore – its dangerous.

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