Vote Alex!

I can’t quite believe I’m doing this, but if you are in the United Kingdom and if you’re not going outside and getting drunk or having a big party of something, could you please ring 09011 212 210 and cast your trashmatic Fame Academy vote for the wonderful Alex. I wouldn’t normally ask, but this is really important… Sigh…

And thank God! She’s won! Bloody wonderful! That’s really cheered me up. Thanks everyone for being useful and voting for her! The ‘staff’ look pretty happy too, which is probably because they’ve been saved from Sneddon-like embarrassment. Good stuff. Good stuff.

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I’m so glad that great minds think alike. No, this isn’t at all tragic. Vote for Alex.
(Mind you, whatever did happen to that nice Ainslie chap, eh? My vote could be the kiss of death).

Even though I’ve only watched about two hours in total (before tonight) of Fame Academy’s present run, I too have added £1.50 (no – six phone calls isn’t excessive; Alex MUST win) to my phone bill in order to secure a win for Alex in the final. (I could try and justify my actions by blaming it on a few glasses of Chilean Chardonnay, but that would be a lie; I’m loving every minute of it.) I’ll be devastated if Alex doesn’t win.

I thought i would immortalise her character by broadcasting the following quote by her – I won’t put it in context since this is part of the immortalising plan:
“I’d just make everything just a little bit more wonky – Alex”

Yes! I know! I loved that quote too. I thought it was really illustrative of her generally pleasing demeanour. I had a bit of a fight with someone at lunch about whether she’s pointless or not (damn you Cal) but this is yet more evidence for her fundamental coolness.

I glad Alex has won. I don’t have a TV so only heard her sing a few songs when I was at a friends house but it was enough to know that this girl had a voice. I wanted to buy her version of ‘I don’t want to talk about it’ as soon as I heard it – if anyone knows of another person who does that song better, let me know! I hope her first album is suitably angst-ridden. She does it so well.

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