Established 1999…

Omigod. I completely forgot my weblogging birthday on Saturday. This site has now been going for a full four years and two days. Four years and two days of almost daily pre-fabricated, disposable weblogging goodness. That’s one thousand four hundred and sixty three days since I started weblogging. Worse still – that’s three thousand nine hundred and forty nine posts. An average of 2.7 posts per day. Dear God. When will it end? Will I never tire of writing this crap? In twenty years, will I have an Established 1999 sign out front? Will I be in total information capturing mode as I’m shoved into an old folks home? Will there be a bloody keyboard in my grave? Will the first thing that happens in Atheist Heaven be that some crotchetty old bastard with a toothless smile hands me an ethereal laptop with spiritual-fidelity wireless soulnet access before demanding that I write something pithy about halos?

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atheist heaven? and it has halos too? so i was looking for more information about atheist heaven among the three thousand nine hundred and forty nine posts and the search results pointed to a bunch of dead links. happy birthday anyway.

Considering your writing style it’s unlikely to be pithy. Verbose maybe.
No offense old fruit. Keep it up.

Halli hallo. Very complimento for your site.
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On the right side of the screen you have: calendario: if you choose Ottobre, you find a picture of me when I was 21, I looked very sad that time, nobody can recognize me in that state, I’ve been always laughing and still do it (ex.
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If we really can, than you got it. Roberto doesn’t know that I’m writing to you to involve you or exchange our two realites.
Enjoy yourself.

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