Hateful mouth and fingers that express themselves so badly…

Some of the things I’m thinking about at the moment – at work and not at work – that I’m having real trouble articulating for some reason but that maybe I can do something with if I set some of them free:

  • Collaborative online experiences for friends, small groups, one-on-one interactions – going places to do things with friends, co-browsing, co-experiencing, what it’s like being at the cinema with a friend, backgrounded/instinctual non-verbal communications, presence-and-flocking, hello, Non-stranger-spaced, non-subject-focused discussions, tiny permeable-membrane reducers, three degrees;
  • Routinely time-shifted media, ubiquities of recording and collation technologies, “Death of live”, time-based design and the end of time-based content, programming in the middle of the night is as important as during the middle of the day, navigating insane scheduling information, worn paths, distribution technologies, bittorrent;
  • Simplicities of structures, metadatas, identifiers, organisational principles, multi-use tags, clumpings, technological strata versus social orders;
  • Leaderships, relationships, political managements, social engagement as game, rules of games, message-boards as prime structural spaces to test political systems, American free-market reputation economies, capturing ill-formed relationships, alpha behaviour, dominance, leadership, leader-led vs. leader-less groups;
  • Information in the air, tiny LCD screens, scrolling data printed on milk-cartons, teddy bears that react to the weather, Ceefax, smoke-alarms, application-updates through the radio…

Gah. I can’t think properly. Too much stuff piling up unexpressed. Too many things I’m not expressing properly. Too many opportunities not to produce stuff of suitable quality and value.

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