The Great British Christmas Single is reborn…

If I confess to a soft-spot for the Darkness, you won’t come around my house and stab me in the eyes with the sharpened plectrums of proper rock will you? I mean, obviously they’re a bit of a novelty act, but at least they look like they’re enjoying themselves. Of course, on occasion the more cynical and disenfranchised dribbling fool might suggest that maybe they’re going a little too far. As evidence for their ludicrous case, they might point at the creation and release of a Christmas single (the elegantly named Christmas Time: Don’t Let The Bell’s End) complete with lace-up-trousers/laser-gun video action… But they’re wrong goddamit! Wrong! It’s bloody art! And I will be there with my crusty notes at my local Our Price on December 15th desperate for my very own copy…

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I’ve found myself to be a huge fan of The Darkness as of late.
Any band that contains a frontman with a fullon inferno tattooed on & above his nethers is fine by me.

You know, I have heard a lot about The Darkness in the last week.
I first came to hear about them from a friend who thought that he sounded funny in “I Beleive in a Thing Called Love”. I admit, he did sound a bit different compared to current American artists.
I listened to a bunch more from them and someone commented about my choice of music because of the music I had by The Darkness.
Well, they aren’t bad. I should download that single.

Okay, I have nothing against The Darkness per-se, and certainly nothing against their many, many fans – but I’ve seen them live twice now, and loathed them both times. The album isn’t bad, and they certainly know how to have fun, which is quite endearing in itself. However they are the definition of a one-trick pony, and this Christmas release is, to mix metaphors, the straw that will break the reindeer’s back.
The Darkness have had their fifteen minutes, let’s all get back to some proper rock, please.

If I say “But The Darkness are a return to proper rock after all this boring po-faced indie rock that’s been fashionable for far too long”, does it show my age?
Hard rock has been marginalised for far too long. Hopefully The Darkness’ success will open the door for other, better bands.
BTW, if you think The Darkness are ridiculously over the top, you haven’t heard the Italian band Rhapsody.

I think the darkness are one of the best bands to hit the scene this year, and this single just adds to the quality of the ones that were released! Rock on Darkness!!!

The Darkness definitely rise above the status of “novelty”. Solid song writing and and Justin Hawkin’s angelic voice make them worthwhile. People underestimate how hard it is to write a song that is “catchy”. Their music, look and videos seem straight from the heart. They strike me a doing what is genuinely in thier gut and the result is pure well rounded entertainment. A++ What a pleasant way for this generation to learn how to rock! It’s so rare that a pop star can make you feel like a love/star struck teenager when you are over 30. Justin’s passion deserves to be unleashed on the universe! They make me feel alive.

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